Video of the Day ; Top 5 Engine Swaps

This is our first edition for Video of the day. We will write about one video everyday. Watching some videos will give you a burst of laughter and some videos will give you goosebumps, like today’s. This is a video about crazy engine swaps.

To start with, our very own Maruti Suzuki Omni with a rotary engine. You read that right! Actually, this car now suits the role it has always played in Bollywood movie : The KIDNAPPER car. Almost all of the kidnapping scenes were done in this van by the villains for 90’s.

You would have just recovered from the omni shock when you will see a scooter fitted with a HAYABUSA engine. Yes! the legendary hayabusa engine which has still not found a competition after 10 years of its production. This engine is also used in some supercars. So fitting it in scooter only was not enough so it was used in a golf cart. The combination was nerve wrecking.

To follow is a Subaru engine in a VW Bug. This car is not moving but the sound the engine makes is enough. I literally got goosebumps when I heard the sound. Pure Melody!

The last one is a mad Volvo Terror tractor fitted with something too powerful for it to even handle. Watch all these crazy mods in the video below.

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