Video of the Day : A CCX scares the hell out of a woman!

This is another edition of our daily post video of the day. The is video in particular will make you confused about weather to laugh or to feel the sound of the loud Koenigsegg CCX. Koenigsegg, known for its flagship, the Agera R around the world. The car was a milestone and my personal favorite. But, before thee Agera was launched the CCX was the company’s heart. The CCX has a loud engine and a louder exhaust which makes the monster roar.

The video you are about to see features a similar noisy CCX driving through a coastal road. The driver looking at the empty stretch ahead decides to use some of the 806 HP it generates from the loud 4.7-liter V8. As soon as the car moves a little further and roars like a men eating beast, a lady on the sidewalk jumps aside out of fear. The supercar literally scared the hell out that woman. The expression on her face will leave you rolling out of laughter or ROFL as they call it.

Owners of such cars across the world attract attention of people walking on the road or even driving around them and that makes them feel like a show stopper and love to show their engines off. There are two ways of doing it, the not so confident drivers uses the sound of cars by revving while the clutch is fully pressed or the car is in neutral gear, while the confident and experienced drivers like the one seen in the video uses the perfect amount of torque to make the horses roar keeping the car stable and in control. This is a skill in itself.

Now, we will cut down the description and leave you with the video. I being an enthusiast did not even notice the woman in the mesmerizing melody created by the exhaust.

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