Vista car care Hi-shine Wax review

Vista Car Care include range of  Car care products manufactured by Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. On the Resil website you would be able to see that the company is into manufacturing of many products for the industries across India. There are two units located in Bangalore for the manufacturing of their industrial products ranging from textiles, hospitals, Pools and spas, construction and many more. Mainly the business groups are Textiles, Performance Chemicals, Vista, Emerging technologies and Klenza. We are more concerned about the Vista group which provides exterior care for two wheelers, Cars and Heavy vehicles.

Vista Resil range of products

Vista Resil range of products

When approached to the company for testing and reviewing their products, the company was generous enough to send us a box of the Vista Care Care Hi-Shine Wax, the one which you see with a golden lid in the above image. The box appears to have a rich feel with black and golden combination and good stickers with information about the product is printed in details. The first thing we noticed is that the box is made up of thin plastic and is easily deformed when you grip it tighter, the reason to mention this is, after you take off the lid and if you hold it tightly the contents spill out not much but they do. The wax is semi liquid in consistency and so it can easily come out. The information about the product is nicely described in details for the user to know how to use it.

There is a procedure you need to follow while using this product.

  • Spray the car with water so that all the dust will soften and it will be easier to wash it off.
  • Use Car shampoo to clean the surface. Vista recommends to use the Vista Car Shampoo.
  • After washing all the dirt, dry the car by using a dry cloth, make sure you use a soft cloth. 100% cotton does the job well.
  • The Vista hi shine wax comes with a sponge, using that apply the wax all over the car’s body. Spread the paste evenly in a circular fashion ( usually recommended by experts).
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the wax to dry.
  • Using pressure  buff the wax surface with a different sponge or a cotton cloth. Keep buffing till the surface appears glossy.

I stared the process at 10:00 in the morning and was finished with it by noon. It is a long process as you need the surface to be clean and dry, then apply the wax and take it off again. While the rest of the process does not take much time, the buffing takes a lot of effort and time. Taking off the wax is a task and you have to keep rubbing until you get the desired shine. It might take an hour or two. It would be easier if you happen to have a buffing machine. The constant speed of the machine would give you the desired shine in less time than doing it manually by hand.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks of this product:

  • Poor packaging
  • Liquid consistency results in a lot of mess
  • Time consuming process.

The drawbacks can be overlooked by the performance of the product and if you want to have something you desire you have to strive for it. With that said all the efforts put inn the buffing of the surface the shine that you get is astonishing. The first thing you feel like doing is take the car for a ride. Such good quality made in India products should be promoted often to boost inland manufacturers as the other countries do.



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