Volkswagen planning to build it’s personalized version of Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’!

German auto-major Volkswagen AG is planning to build it’s own battery factory which will be similar to Tesla’s “Gigafactory” reports Handelsblatt, A German Newspaper.


Volkswagen Tiguan

After their tryst with the infamous Dieselgate emissions scandal, The company is trying to revive itself somehow by perforating into the electric vehicle segment. The company now has nowhere to turn and this might be the breakthrough that they’ve been looking for. Not to forget the fact that they would be doing the environment a very big favor!

VW has been in the limelight for expanding its plug-in vehicle lineup for many years, and definitely cannot take the blame for wanting to manufacture alternatives to the engines running on diesel that directly led to the infamous emissions scandal which happened in September last year ruining the company’s name, reputation and putting everything on the line. Total of 11 Volkswagen models and millions of vehicles around the globe were suspected of using an illegal software which was primarily designed to cheat the emissions tests and pass off the cars as roadworthy, the auto-major will be in big trouble for owing more than $18 billion in related damages and costs incurred for the same.

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift

It has also been delineated that Volkswagen AG seems to be on trail of bringing the Audi H-Tron and the E-Tron Quattro to the arena as early as possible.

But here’s the biggest complication that the auto-major may face ;Deficit in supply of battery. American electric automotive manufacturer Tesla also was plagued with the same problem earlier ; Not enough batteries. So they came up with this brilliant idea of building their own battery supply chain which is called as the “Gigafactory”. The main focus of that plant is to produce 35 gigawatt Hours (gwH)capacity of battery every year.

Volkswagen is focusing on building 1 million electric cars in the next 10 years, The German Newspaper Handelsblatt says. Now to achieve the goal, VW AG will need to find out how to get so much of those storage cells. Their Version of the “Gigafactory” might just be the answer to this ordeal that they would be undergoing in the near future.

Volkswagen gave voice about the brilliant idea of a multi-billion eurobattery manufacturing facility, saying: “We want to launch a major initiative, one that will put us at the top of the industry.”

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