6th Generation Volkswagen Polo will make its Global Debut on 16th June

Volkswagen literally means “People’s car” in German. Started its history from the Beetle, the company gave fantastic models to the automotive world globally. All these models contributed to making the brand VW number one in the automotive world. The cars that contributed to this success are Beetle, Polo, and Golf. Now after 42 years the alive model Polo is entering into its 6th generation. VW is now ready to debut 2018 VW Polo on 16th of June globally. All-new Volkswagen Polo is the most awaited product since its development spy pics got out. Volkswagen India will launch this car sometime in 2018 first quarter. Polo will surely be another success for the company globally. The major sales accounts in the developing and developed countries.

History of Volkswagen Polo:

Back in 1975, folks in the Volkswagen wanted a car that is little shorter than Golf. The production of Golf had started just a year before. The main idea behind Wolfsburg-based engineers was to create a product better equipped than Audi 50. The product, named after a sport took its shape based on Golf.

Type 86 - 1975 VW Polo

Type 86 – 1975 VW Polo

The generation one Polo was internally called Type 86. First gen Polo was only available with 3 door configuration and the basic design was initially very sparse. As it was very clear that Audi will not serve small car segment anytime further, the idea of fully equipped  Polo GLS was born. Audi A50 product vanished in 1978 and at the same time better equipped Polo GLS came to the world in 1978. In the spring of 1975, the VW Polo launched a smaller 29 kW (40 hp) engine with a displacement of 900 cm³ as a savings version of the Audi 50.

First Facelift 1979:

After 4 years of production, Type 86 received the first facelift in 1979. The major highlights of this facelift were the use of light weight material. The grille and the bumper were made of plastic and this was a major step in making a lighter Polo than its first version. The interior was also improved and there was a provision of the storage box.

1979 VW Polo - Facelift to Type 86

1979 VW Polo – Facelift to Type 86

This model continued to stand for the Polo brand till 1981. Polo represented a major success for Volkswagen, no less than 500,000 units of the first generation being sold by 1981. The company saw real success in the first generation Polo and the officials decide to bring new generation Polo in October 1981.

Polo 2nd Generation (Polo 2) 1981 – 1994:

Although it came with a couple of new elements, the most important change in the Polo series is actually the introduction of two new body styles, formerly known as wagon and coupe. However, Volkswagen used different names in markets around the world. This 2nd gen Polo also marked an introduction of a diesel engine in the Polo lineup. A 1.3L diesel motor was introduced in this variant.

1982 VW Polo Coupe

1982 VW Polo Coupe

For instance, the wagon version was usually marketed as “Volkswagen Polo” while the sedan version, previously known as Derby, was renamed to “Polo Classic”. For the expansion of the market coverage, Volkswagen started producing Polos in Spain, soon after the German car manufacturer acquired SEAT.

1992 VW Polo - Gen 2 facelift

1992 VW Polo – Gen 2 facelift

Polo 3rd Generation (Polo 3) 1994-2001:

Launched in 1994 and kept in production until 2001, the third generation of Volkswagen Polo was based on the same platform as SEAT Ibiza and even shared a couple of parts with this car model. Moreover, the new Polo used some elements from the third generation of Volkswagen Golf, including the suspension system.

1994 VW Polo

1994 VW Polo

The facelift to the initial model came in 1991 and it had major changes. The 1999 Polo is a refreshed version of the previous model launched in 1994 although the German manufacturer Volkswagen said that no less than 70 percent of this Polo is new. In fact, Volkswagen modified the standard features of the Polo and included in this package the power steering, the twin airbags and the ABS system.

1999 VW Polo

1999 VW Polo

Polo 4th Generation (Polo 4) 2001-2009:

Assembled in Slovakia, Spain, and Brazil, Volkswagen first presented the 2001 Polo in September and officially launched it in 2002. Available in no less than 11 engine versions, ranging from 55 to 115 horsepower, the new Polo also came with a sedan edition. VW marketed it in Latin America and Australia as Polo Classic.

Gen 4 VW Polo

Gen 4 VW Polo

The facelift for 2001 Gen 4 Polo arrived in the year 2005 with the updated of integration of multiple parts from Passat to Polo. The headlamps resembled VW Passat and many other parts. This 2005 Polo was designed by the same designer Walter de’Silva who also made Alfa Romeo 147, Audi TT beautiful.

Facelift of Gen 4 VW Polo

Facelift of Gen 4 VW Polo

Polo 5th Generation (Polo 5) 2009- Present:

VW introduced 5th Generation Polo in 2009 Geneva Motor show in Germany. The car looked sleek, modern yet had significant changes in the design. With exterior changes, the car also shredded weight by 7.5% using light materials and also introduced a range of CRDi engines.

VW BlueMotion Concept at 2009 Geneva Auto show

VW BlueMotion Concept at 2009 Geneva Auto show

After 5 years of success to 2009 design, the company introduced a much modern facelift. The major changes were in convenience features like adding LED headlights for the European market and impressive range of safety features to offer in all other markets.

2014 VW Polo

2014 VW Polo

Polo 6th Generation (Polo 6) What to expect?

All-new Volkswagen Polo:

On this Friday (June 16, 2017) Volkswagen will present the new Polo in Berlin. The new edition of the bestseller is bigger, more spacious, more comfortable. It will definitely continue the success story of the more than 14 million sold small cars.

Klaus Bischoff, head designer of the Volkswagen brand, explains:

“This Volkswagen is immediately identifiable as the original of its class, but as a completely new generation, a polo with an expressive design that makes the compacts more sporty, clear and also within the market spectrum absolutely independent It is a car that fits optically and technically perfectly into the time . “

The new updates include LED headlamps, LED DRLs with updated design language of VW for future cars. All new interior and promise of timeless design. Major updates include, sunroof, start-stop button and dual tone body colour with new orange shade. The car will also feature VW’s latest “Park Pilot” automatic parking system as well as keyless entry, a feature that was missing in the previous Polo.

New 2018 Volkswagen Polo Price in India

Model Estimated Ex-showroom Price
2018 Volkswagen Polo Base Model Rs. 6.50 lakh
2018 Volkswagen Polo Top Model Rs. 9.50 lakh

All-new Volkswagen Polo will maintain its niche above the Ameo hatch and it will be positioned above the Ameo because of the long list of features it will have above Ameo.

Read more details about the new Polo here.

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