Volkswagen Scandal: Company asks dealers to stop selling the Polo in India. What is the reason?

The  mess seems to be getting out of hand for Volkswagen by each passing day. The company that admitted to fitting ‘defeat device’ in over 11 million cars has asked its dealers in India to stop selling the Polo hatch. According to reports, ” The company is investigating the Polo hatchback cars it sells over “technical issues”, a spokesman for the local unit told Reuters on Wednesday.

The same person, however, confirmed that this technical issue was not in regards to the current crisis engulfing the German automaker. Volkswagen Group India, which may issue a recall of the cars if needed once the analysis is finished, has asked dealers to hold off delivery of Polo cars it has already sold to customers.

The company sold about 45,000 cars in the Indian market according to statistics available from the last financial year of which, two-thirds were Polo. The Polo hatchback and Vento sedan are available in India with the EA 189 diesel engine that is at the centre of the emissions probe elsewhere in the world. Volkswagen also assembles some engines in the country that are fitted into cars sold locally and for export, the company said.

The company is absolutely tight-lipped about what the technical issue is, but it is hard to think of anything other than the emissions issue, especially when the company is trying to keep things under the cloak of secrecy. Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is already looking into the emissions from the engines and should be ready report its findings by the end of the month. The steps taken by Volkswagen AG already sound like it is on defensive ground even before the results pour in.

The company is trying to douse the fire with a public apology, recalling the cars and initiating a third party probe into the doings of current/past employees. Volkswagen has set aside $7.2 Billion for all the costs required to cover the emission cheating scandal. The company shares have tanked about 43% since the news broke out.

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