Volvo tests ‘Auto Pilot’ feature on XC90

Self Driving / Driverless cars seem to be the next big thing after hybrid and electric vehicles. Tesla made elecric supercars cool and just recently announced the much delayed Model X SUV which in all electric from could do 0-100 kmph in 3.2 seconds!! The next frontier is Self Driving cars and Volvo seems to be beating others at this game.

Volvo just released a video where they plan to drive around 100 XC90 SUV’s around 50 kilometres of specially chosen roads streets of Gothenburg, Sweden to test waters. The video explained how the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot mode would react in various driving situations.

Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo’s Design VP said, “We have designed a user interface that is safe and seamless to use so that drivers can confidently transfer and regain control of the car”.

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The information regarding the destination will have to fed to the specially designed  interface and as the car is ready to take over, two paddles will light up in green suggesting the car is ready to take over from the driver. Once taken over, it will display the estimated amount of free time the driver has before reaching the destination. The car will monitor all the happenings around the car 360 degree through sensors, will be able to overtake slow moving cars safely.


The car will show animations of various traffic scenarios in real time, such as open passing opportunities the car plans to take advantage of, and cars behind, next to, or in front of the Volvo. Once the destination approaches the car encounters problems mid-journey, it will give a sixty second timer requesting the driver to take over. If the driver fails to take over for some reason, the car will come to halt safely. The pioneers of safety technology on cars seem to be heading in the correct direction with this clean and uncluttered take on self driving cars.

Watch the Video here:

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