Whats New In The 2017 Volkswagen Vento

We all know Volkswagen has proved to be a great deal in the market in last 4-5 years. Earlier there were not many wows for the company’s name and logo in the Indian market. Thereafter the market was introduced to the VW Polo and the Vento after these two cars hit the market and brought booming numbers of bookings on the potential buyer’s list, the car maker knew that this thirst was now going to be never ending.

Ever since 2011, these two vehicles are playing on streets and now VW has come up with its 2017 Vento. The succeeder which is no doubt better in every aspect and calculation. With the new rendering edition, there is a lot of new stuff happening in there. Let us have a sneak peak.

The New Stuff in 2017 Volkswagen Vento

2017 Volkswagen Vento Front

2017 Volkswagen Vento Front

Volkswagen is known for very minor yet subtle changes in the car. The company never changed a complete platform or complete body of the car but yet with those minor changes in detailing the new versions are launched. Similarly, the new Vento also gets a small upgrade that takes the current Vento in the premium sedan and differentiates itself from the segment.

2017 Volkswagen Vento LED Headlamps

2017 Volkswagen Vento LED headlamps

2017 Volkswagen Vento LED headlamps

VW Vento becomes the first car in the Indian market to offer all LED headlamps and sleek DRLs. Even the all new Verna and upcoming Honda city are not offering LED headlamps in the top of the line variants. VW has won the game here. The gentleman’s car looks really premium and sharp with this new upgrade.

All new 16 inch Alloys:

2017 VW Vento 16 inch Alloy Wheels

2017 VW Vento 16 inch Alloy Wheels

This is the new upgrade in this all new Vento. The alloy wheels seen on test vehicle was black in colour but with same design. But, the production vehicle gets new alloy design with 16 inch tire size.

Reverse Parking Camera

Reverse parking Camera

This is the only feature was missing in Vento compared to its rivals and with 2017 upgrade the company has decided to offer it to the customers. The car we drove was the 1.2 TSI with DSG transmission with all these offerings.

The car is not officially launched in the market yet but it has started reaching dealerships all across India and expect the launch anytime this month.

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