Why Can’t Our Indian Army Use Storme As Their Medium Of Transportation

Driving a car for a long distance is like flying. All your senses are alive and that makes the experience quite interesting. Like that, there’s one car which can make your incumbent senses float in air while you drive. The looks are certainly devastating and the car itself holds a pride for being one such. It is none other, Tata Storme. Anybody can fall in love at first sight, including the most stubborn people. While this car captivates many buyers, 4wheelreviews takes you to a ‘Vera level’ (Next Level).

Tata Storme

Tata Storme


What we here suggest is, Tata Storme can be used by our Indian Army. With the exhilarating power and capability it can surely reach the hands of Army personnel. This 2.2-litre 138.1bhp 16V VTT VariCOR Diesel Engine making its way into Tata Storme and is available in four many variants. While there is no engine offering petrol everything runs in diesel.



Storme offers you one of the highest torques emitting vehicle which ranging at 320Nm@1700-2700rpm making it easy to take off with a heavy boot. With a combination of 16-inch tyres and rigid suspension, you don’t have to worry about bad roads. The Safari Storme will fly over these potholes barely breaking a sweat. Variable Turbine Technology (VTT) incorporated in the turbocharger generates a higher air density at low engine speeds, allowing a greater input of fuel for the same air-fuel ratio, thus increasing power while making engines more fuel-efficient and cleaner burning.



Storme could actually be used by our army personnel and here I would suggest it would be a classic choice if it is recognized. What amaze me so much are the look and the capability it has. The four variants distinguish it from one another. Wish one day, our fighter people roar in this vehicle.

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