Why Are Electric Vehicles So Damn Expensive?

The question is not really new, but we are expecting something more from the electric industry. I mean all new technologies do come with a significantly higher price tag, because the manufacturer believes in two things. First of all, every one wants to make profits given to present conditions. No one does anything just for the sake of doing it like mad high tech scientists or like those garages from sci-tech movies as its very essence of doing business. Lot of time and money gets invested in products which are driven electric.

Then it’s the other thing connected to making money: people who think that since they’re somehow among the first ones to come up with something which can really be used, this has to come with its financial perks. Nobody wants to cut down profits because most of these guys, especially smaller producers can’t tell for how long they will still be in business before kicking the bucket or being took over by bigger OEMs.

Ather Smart Scooter

Ather Smart Scooter

In India startups like Ather Energy and Tork Motorcycles are coming up with the scooty with a touchscreen dashboard integrating cloud-based data that will help personalised ride experience, where as Tork motorcycles is going on a similar line with smart gadgetry in-lined to the riding experience.

Oh wait, we were trying to go green, that’s why we wanted an electric bike. Well, this leads to another thing the e-vehicle fans usually try to avoid: if current  recharging of e-bike or e-car comes from any source than wind or sun, it drains much of our GREEN concept.

The energy required to move the bike from point A to point B must come from some source and we have the two choices; we either produce it by burning fuel, or by using electricity which has been generated burning other fossil fuel such as coal. CO2 is still released in the atmosphere, back from where we left. The solution is very complex and as manufacturers themselves play a very small role in this. Money should come from somewhere, the time and money they have invested for years to develop the bike should have some ROI ( Returns on Investments).

As a user, we are still looking for an electric vehicle which is truly affordable.

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