Worlds fastest RC Car,Bullet, hits 303 kmph!

Most men and some women are fascinated with two things: Speed and Cars. All of us have spent countless hours in our childhood trying to make our little toy cars go fast and then brag about it to our friends.

One man took this part of his childhood to a completely new level though. His RC car has hit a high speed of 188 mph or nearly 303 kmph!!! In comparison, the Mercedes E63 is limited to 255 kmph and the Audi R8 maxes out at 299 kmph!

Check out this video if you still have trouble believing:

The man is question is Nic Case. This car of his, The Bullet, runs on carbon fiber wheels and BSR tires. This car is the enhanced version of the car he used to break the record last November, but he has kept the enhancements to himself with not a word on how he achieved it.

On his first run for the record the car achieved 182 mph. On the second run though, with Nic at the controls, the Bullet managed to reach 188mph! You can barely see the car going past in the video and if you missed it, do check it again.

If you are an RC car hobbyist, you may have heard of Nic Case before. He first shot to stardom in 2008 when his Schumacher Mi3 based RC broke the world record at 161.76 mph. Last year in November his RC Bullet bettered his previous record by reaching 171.79 mph.

He nearly quit in march last year when he felt he was not having any success but the sudden death of his nephew made him come back to the sport. He dedicated these runs to Chris quoting his words “Records are meant to be broken”

Nic isn`t done though. Since he embarked on this challenge, his ultimate aim is to design and control a 200 mph RC car. We wish him loads of luck for this and hope we get to see this happening in the coming year at the rate he is achieving higher and higher speeds.

Source: Autoblog

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