World’s Smallest car – The Minion Car

There a lot of names you get into your little brains when you read something about the World’s smallest Car! For most of the indians who have whatsoever no taste in Automobile Industry, will say bluntly that the Tata nano or the Hyundai eon is the smallest car in the world or you’ll get more of such embarrassing statements from them. Apart from that if you ask the younger generation and ask them that which is the Smallest Car of all times, then their answer with no second thoughts will be the Reva.

But if really you’re still unknown to the World’s smallest vehicle, then let us introduce you to the Peel P50. The design being so unique, it appears like a minion!

Peel P50 Dimensions>(SOURCE)

P50 Dimensions.(SOURCE)

Peel P50 :

This vehicle is the best thing that can ever happen to a car enthusiast that is mad about unique and rare cars! This car is a minicar and is sorted in the one door coupe unique segment. The Peel P50 has its roots back in the year 1963 which was its launch year. It is 54 in (1,372 mm) long and 39 in (991 mm) wide. Comes with an unladen weight of 59 kilograms (130 lb).

Front view.(SOURCE)

Front view.(SOURCE)

The Peel P50 still holds the record as the smallest car ever to go into production. It also has its name registered in the Guinness Book of world records.

Engine :

The vehicle drives on a 49 cc Single cylinder motor.It deliveres 4.2 hp. Suited with a fan-cooled motor (top speed – 61 km/h (38 mph). It had a 3 speed manual transmission with no reverse gear in it. Peel P50 basically happens to be an engine of a moped being rendered to make a car run. The vehicle runs extremely amazing and steers like a dream.

Social Explosion :

Exquisite Interior's.(SOURCE)

Exquisite Interior’s.(SOURCE)

The vehicle got on International television in 2007 while Jeremy Clarkson, the Presenter of the BBC Hosted programme Top Gear, Drives into the vehicle to his office. Clarkson being 6’5″ could sit and drive the car all the way to his office and even could carry it to his office. This specific episode owns the third most views of their channel.

The vehicle can be carried like a travelling bag or a suit case. It is that lightweight. It comes with only one door and has 2 windows and a small windscreen. The vehicle is categorized to the three wheeler segment as it as two wheels at the front and a single wheel at the rear end.

Unique in every sense.(SOURCE)

Unique in every sense.(SOURCE)

Appreciation :

With all that said, someone had to get an eye on this, after all those years, this vehicle is now again manufactured by Peel engineering limited from 2010. The mini car is suited with a similar 49 cc moped engine, with minimalistic changes in the drive chain and the suspensions.

This vehicle sure is a keeper of all times. A vehicle which offers you privacy level 100 and allows you to drive through subways, walkways and cycle tracks! This vehicle happens to be street legal in every way and can be carried like a suitcase all over! So if you have enough resources to grab one, don’t let that go!

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