Here’s all You Should Know About The all New Yamaha Fascino!

Out of all the mopeds out there in the market, here is the all new Yamaha Fascino, which you might want to check out. This vehicle has got everything you are looking for in a daily driven moped. Out of the every good thing about this vehicle, here are the best points which you would drool over.

The Riding Comfort:

Riding View(SOURCE)

Riding View(SOURCE)

The vehicle comes with a nice and comfy handle which is short in length.The space between the fork and the seat is enormous. There’s so much power you can feel in that 113 cc’s of an engine, that I’m sure it’ll keep you spellbound. The Seat, the Handle and mostly the Yamaha engine!

Design and aerodynamics:

Yamaha Fascino (SOURCE)

Yamaha Fascino (SOURCE)

The Moped comes with a unique set of aerodynamics which is absolutely appreciative in every way. The curves which flow down to its tail and compliment that big beautiful tail lamp on the back. Long time the market had such a unique design structure in mopeds. Although there are a bunch of people who may mistake the vehicle as a Vespa with custom paint job, I’m sure The Fascino is much more than that. Looks wise the Fascino has really got a tough one against the Piaggio Vespa, But maybe it’s the Yamaha’s Marketing team which has put the vehicle down.

Fascino Front View (SOURCE)

Front View (SOURCE)

Engine Specs:

The Vehicle has got a single blog 113 cc’s of an engine which is air cooled. Even though with a small blog and with a lesser cc’s as compared to the 125 cc vehicle’s out in the market, the fascino won’t let you a bit down when it comes to performing. The throttle seems to have so much to offer and it never leaves you thirsty. The engine has no noise and being a Yamaha’s blog, it is smooth enough to keep you happy for at least a couple of years. The vehicle will drop you with a mileage of 66-kmpl is what the company says, but in a real world, it seems to deliver up to 50 kmpl of mileage.

Seating :

Fascino Seat (SOURCE)

Enormous Seat (SOURCE)

This might prove to be the best part when it comes to the Yamaha fascino. The seat is enormously comfortable and happens to be long enough to tag 3 people at a time. The seat flows exact opposite as that of the rear end and gives you a really great low and comfy stance over the vehicle. The moped suits a man who’s 6 feet and even the ones who are 4’8″ without any clunky hatches or buttons to adjust the seat.

So if you really are looking forward to buy a moped in upcoming days, then this surely might be the vehicle you would seriously consider buying.

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