Yamaha R15 Version-3 expected to Hit The Indian Market in 2018!

Although the Yamaha R15 V3 was expected out with just a bit of minimalist cosmetic changes and a refined engine, The R15 V3 has come out to be a masterpiece! The R15 V3 has made its global debut in Indonesian Market. The Vehicle was unveiled in the presence of the world famous Moto GP Riders Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. The Absolute new look of the V3 has kept the audience spellbound!

The Yamaha R15:

The R15 V3 Side view (SOURCE)

The R15 V3 Side view (SOURCE)

R15 has proved to be one of the greatest hits for the Japnese manufacturer. It has got a great hit in the Indian as well as the Asian Market. With the huge success of the Yamaha R15, the company decided to launch the R15 V2 which came with a lot of rework done on the previous model. The V2 had more of a racing approach for the streets. It had a pillion seat mounted so high that you could be seen from a crowd of 100. The V2 also hit the markets with a bash and thus, here comes there succeeder the R15 V3. Better than ever, the V3 no doubt will prove to be the hit for upcoming years.

Engine Specs:

The vehicle is expected to be suited with a 155 cc single cylinder engine, which will provide 14.7 Nm torque at 8500 Rpm. It is tagged with a 6-speed gearbox and is accompanied by Variable Valve Actuation. This will make the throttle a bit more crispy and much more responsible. This is the engine which is hooked to the NVX 155 scooter, although the V3 has got an engine which is tamed to produce more Horses at the wheel.

With the fine tuned Engine, the R15 V3 is expected to deliver around 40 kmpl mileage in the city and around 44 kmpl on highways.

Fuel Tank Capacity – 11 Litres

Fuel System – Fuel Injection

Price Expectations:

Although it happens to be a bit early to declare the tag price of the V3, but it might be priced around 1,30,000 to 1,45,000 in the Indian Markets. The Price tag on the V3 is a bit more than the previous versions, but it has got a lot to offer and hence it won’t make you hesitate to pay a bit extra.

Design :

Thirsty Air Inlets.(SOURCE)

Thirsty Air Inlets.(SOURCE)

The V3 design concept happens to be inspired by the R6 and hence it has got a lot of new stuff on-board. It comes with a new, compact and finished fuel tank. Also a set of new split headlights and a massive air inlet to cool that 155 cc blog. The fairing itself is redesigned and it narrows down at the front and gives it an aggressive approach. As the manufacturer has said that the vehicle will be much more than the previous models in every aspect we might expect ABS as standard for the V3. The YZF-R6 really seems to reflect every of its bit in this bike.

The Grin, Split Dual Headlights.(SOURCE)

The Grin, Split Dual Headlights.(SOURCE)

The Racing color schemes include blue-grey. Black-red as well a couple of more color combinations. Some of these we already have seen on the Yamaha R3. The color schemes really happen to get more mice near the cheese. The vehicle is as always clamped on the Delta Box frame, which has proved itself over the years. The V3 has got sharper curves and a new tail assembly.

Dimensional Ratios:

The V3 happens to be refurbished in every aspect, the New R15 is expected to be longer wider and taller as compared to the previous bikes but comes with a shortened wheelbase which will help you at the corners. The V3 is 1990 mm in Length (+20 mm), 725 mm in width(+55 mm) and 1135 mm in Height (+65 mm).

Front Disc – 282mm

Rear Disc -240mm

Front Tyre – 100/80 -17 M

Rear Tyre – 140/70-17 M

The New Stuff:

  • Dual LED Headlights
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard or in top end models.
  • New graphic details with new body panels.
  • Inverted telescopic suspension.
  • Digital instrument console accompanied by display and LED backlight.
Stance and the Rear view at a glance. (SOURCE)

Stance and the Rear view at a glance. (SOURCE)

With all that in the book, the R15 V3 might hit the Indian markets by 2018 and will again prove to be the most awaited bike of the year 2018!

The R15 series has got quiet a reputation in the Indian Industry. The first bike entered with immense bookings and was widely and happily accepted by the enthusiasts. The split headlight design was fresh and new to the crowd and it no doubt played a major role in making it one of the most famous bikes of the time! The version 2 came with a bit of surprise element, though! The pillion seat was so high that only a person who was 5’4″+ could mount it. For others, it was merely impossible without a table. Thus the version 2 was a ride which was not at all recommended for a family guy. Only your girlfriend who was ready to sit behind you, that too on a very uncomfortable seat and or a friend who really needed a lift were you’re supposed passengers.

Thus with all that mistakes and upgrades, let us expect that the V3 happens to be best of the series.

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